Create a Spotify playlist for your favorite artist’s show

Going to a show? Not totally familiar with an artist’s catalog? Give The Set Listener a try.

The Set Listener is a web app that creates a Spotify playlist of an artist’s most recent show as it is known at Setlist FM.

To use The Set Listener just type in the artist name, and hit the search button, you’ll be presented with a playlist of songs from that artist’s most recent show.  Hit the ‘Save this playlist to Spotify’ button and you’ll have a Spotify playlist that you can listen to on your desktop or on your mobile phone.

If you want to create a setlist of a specific show (and not the most recent one), copy-paste the URL of that show at Setlist FM into the search field of the Set Listener.

Great app, created by Paul Lamere from Music Machinery. Thanks!

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